Recent Improvements in Adult Wilms Tumor Diagnosis and Management: Review of Literature

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Vishnupriya Sakthivel
Adeeb Ismail Z
Devashree Vijayabalan


adults, chemotherapy, nephroblastoma, radiotherapy, WT gene


Wilms tumor, also denoted as nephroblastoma, an embryonal type of renal cancer, is the most common cancer that affects children in the first 5 years of life. Wilms tumor is very rarely seen in adults. Both adults and children showcase varied clinical symptoms. The metastasis of tumor in both adults and children are not uncommon. Though histological differences between children and adults are insignificant, the prognosis of adult Wilms tumors compared to children is abysmal. Despite remarkable advancements in oncology, no standard treatment protocol exists for Wilms tumor in adults. Children Wilms tumor treatment protocol is currently followed for adults with some changes. In this article, we reviewed the available treatment options for Wilms tumor in adults and protocols followed widely.

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