A Rare Case of Solitary Kidney Metastasis following Primary Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Sharon Del Vecchio, Robert Ellis, Kylie Gallagher, Keng Lim Ng, Li Ma, Geoffrey Strutton, Simon Wood


Laryngeal cancer is the 14th most common malignancy worldwide, and its common subtype squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is highly associated with tobacco use and long-term alcohol consumption. The incidence of distant metastasis from a primary laryngeal cancer has been reported to be very low, between 6.5% and 8.5%, according to published tumour registry data. Distant metastases of laryngeal SCC most commonly involve the lung, liver, bone and mediastinum, seldom involving the kidney. Renal metastasis has been well established in many other cancers such as lymphoma, lung, breast and gastric carcinoma. This report discusses the rare case of a solitary renal metastasis following a primary laryngeal SCC.


kidney cancer; laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma; metastatic renal cell carcinoma; SCC; smoking

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15586/jkcvhl.2017.68

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