Published: 2015-01-17

Kidney Cancer: Review Articles

Gramicidin A: A New Mission for an Old Antibiotic

Justin M. David, Ayyappan K. Rajasekaran
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Page 15-24

Kidney Cancer: Original Articles

Clinicians’ Real World Perceptions of Pre-Nephrectomy Diagnostic Biopsy Performance as a Driver of Reduction in Unnecessary Surgeries in Renal Tumors

Kristin Fahy, Lauren Augustine, Mats O. Sanden, E. Robert Wassman
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Page 1-14

Glutathione-S-transferase-pi (GST-pi) expression in renal cell carcinoma

Christina Kaprilian, Maria Horti, Kosmas Kandilaris, Andreas Skolarikos, Nikolaos Trakas, Ioannis Kastriotis, Charalambos Deliveliotis
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Page 25-29